Budgets that work.

Fully customized budgets for yourself or your projects. Ratio budgets are intuitive, secure, and free of charge. Sign up for the public alpha and put your budgets to work.

Budget at Work
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Create fast, flexible budgets.

Whether it's to stay on top of your personal finances or keep track of a multi-user, complex project budget, Ratio can handle it.

With complete control over your budget's formulas, categories, and layout, Ratio gives you everything you need — and nothing you don't.


Ratio is intuitive because you control it. Move things around. Delete categories you'll never use. Make your budget yours.


Your data is secure and stored in Canada. And we never connect to your bank account so you can even use it offline.

Free & open

The one thing you won't need to budget for is Ratio itself. It's free to use and the core is open source. You can fork it or contribute on GitHub.